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WifiCatalogue Menu Builder

Do you want a QR menu for your business? Now you can create it Easily, Fast and Inexpensively on your own!

Build the most user friendly and responsive menu with WifiCatalogue QR Menu builder. Just do it yourself!

• Contactless menu for your customers

• 100% mobile responsive

• Multilingual menus

• Save money – No printing, editing and maintenance costs

• Eco friendly solution


3 steps for your digital Menu

Step #1

Upload your Logo

Step #2

Create your Categories & Items

Step #3

Save your menu and preview

Pick your own Style!
Light or Dark

Frequently asked questions

WifiCatalogue QR Menu builder allows you to create a fully detailed menu. 

It takes three simple steps:
1. Upload your logo and select the languages for your menu

2. Build your menu:
i) Create Categories: A category is actually a product family which includes items. A category could be: Starters, Main dishes, Desserts, Spirits or any other title of your choice.
ii) Add Items: Once you create a Category, you  are ready to add items in it. An item is actually your product such as: Pasta, Steak, Soda etc.

During the QR menu building process you can preview your menu anytime and check your progress. Just click on ‘’Save and preview’’ anytime you feel like.

You will be able to download a QR code for your menu or receive it at your e-mail. You can also have a shortlink linking to your menu, which can be used on your website or anywhere you desire.

Your menu is fully responsive and perfectly adjusted for smartphones, tablets or even desktop (as a mini website).

Of course! You can choose between English, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

After completing the subscription process, you will receive an email with a link that you have to follow to start building your menu. Save this link for later! You can use the same link anytime you want to come back and edit your menu. Also, you do not have to build the whole menu at once! Click ‘’Save and preview’’ when you want to have a break, come back later and start where you left. As simple as that!

When you access the platform, you will find a detailed ‘’How to: Guide’’ on how to build your menu! Step by step information and how to videos.

We are in touch! Do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the contact form and we will get back to you.

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