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HomeSpot by WifiCatalogue

Are you Hotel – Rooms to Let – Airbnb owner;

Forget the handwritten notes you had to inform your guests and welcome to the digital guide of HomeSpot!

What is HomeSpot?

HomeSpot is the new innovative service of WifiCatalogue, with which you can now easily build your own digital guide in all languages to inform your visitors!

Guide them to your place, talk to them about your region and show them everything that will make their stay memorable!

What do you earn?

Another reason to get the best rating, impressing your visitors with a useful and original guide that will excite them!

Do you have a reception area?

With HomeSpot you can now get all the information you provide at check in, gathered in a digital guide that will be available at any time on their device.

How it works?

HomeSpot is displayed on the visitor’s device simply by scanning the QR Code of the WifiCatalogue HomeSpot.

It can even be sent after booking the accommodation as informative material so that the visitor has studied it before the arrival.

HomeSpot Ideas…

…which raise the level of your hospitality:
  • Guide him to your house to find everything easily
    Show him all the facilities the home provides
    Inform him about what he will need during his stay
    Explain to him your rules and what you would want to avoid
…which makes you his personal guide:
  • Share with him the best spots in your city
    Show him the walks you would like to do
    Suggest to him the best places to eat and have fun
…that helps him in case on an emergency:
  • Your details and contact hours
    Useful phones in Greece (fire brigade, police, etc.)
    Ability to easily call Taxi through the Menu.

HomeSpot can provide all the necessary information in its language!

Give your own ideas and create the digital guide as you want!


When you want to provide the best service to the visitor, every detail counts. HomeSpot, is an original concept that informs him in an elegant way about everything, in order to make him feel like his home.

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