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We create the most advanced digital catalogue for your businesses, available through wifi • tablet • mobile • web, which is displayed directly to the customer’s device.

Upgrade your customer service experience, and intelligently inform them about your products and services with a digital menu that will impress them.



It is addressed to all catering and accommodation businesses that want to distinguish, investing in better customer briefing through the use of new technologies.

We offer innovative solutions for Bar and Restaurants as well as Accommodation services like hotels, rooms to let and Airbnb.

The WifiCatalogue service, exploiting the potential of digital technology, offers a significant advantage especially to tourism businesses by automatically translating the catalogue into more than one hundred languages.


Create your own Digital Menu for Bar and Restaurants. The customer can receive it directly to his device via Wifi, either via the company’s Tablet, with the ability to translate into his or her own language. The photos and detailed descriptions will impress him and help him choose his favorite product.


Create your own digital guide for your visitors. Share with them useful information about staying in the hotel or home, but also your favorite restaurants, coffee and sightseeing trips. Let them know what you would like to know and welcome them to your area with the new Homespot from WifiCataloguee.

Contact us to create the catalogue that will cover the needs of your own business