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QR menu & QR guide 

At Wificatalogue we create the most complete, interactive, digital menu for your business!

Your customers will be able to scan a QR code and see the most up to date version of your products
or services without any physical contact with printed material.

Ideal For :


With QR menu by Wificatalogue, we create the QR menu that covers your needs and your aesthetics, in just a few days. Your customers see all your products, contactless, through your digital menu!

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Hotels, rooms to-let, Airbnb properties

With QR guide by Wificatalogue, we create a digital guide for your guests, in just a few days. Let your guest know about your additional services, spa, massage, hidden gems near by, great restaurants and any other information you believe that will make them have the best experience. Your digital guide informs your visitors about everything you want them to know, contactless!

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