In the summer of 2015, a group of hungry friends were waiting patiently at a taverna in Tinos for the waiter to bring them a menu. The place was packed, there were few menus and even less time. That made us come up with an easy and fast solution that would allow us to look at a menu as soon as we sat at a table! That’s how we created Wificatalogue, an original service to create modern digital menus.

Our name was inspired by the automatic display of the menu when customers attempted to connect to the business’s WiFi.

Since we started in 2015, the digital menu has grown along with its capabilities, and now assists contactless service, too.

The platform we use has been developed in Greece and is flexible enough to allow us to support any need to feature products and services. That’s how the idea that was born at a little taverna in Tinos, continues to grow and evolve daily!

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